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Candidate for Utah Federal Senator

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I’m Daniel Geery, Utah U.S. Senatorial Candidate with the Utah Justice Party. My official website is, and this is a shortened version for those in a hurry.  


Get money out of politics. Look at the “war chests” of other politicians, and you immediately see they are tied they are to corporations and other individuals, not you.  I will accept no money for my campaign, and I pledge to donate a third of my salary back to the people of Utah, some seed program that helps get people on their feet.  I say this because no elected official should get the pay and benefits they do while the rest of America suffers, and also because I do in fact put my money where my mouth is.


Our children are our future, and we should seriously put them first. Doing this puts everything else in perspective, from creating jobs to preserving the environment. When financial choices are to be made, education should be at the top of our list.  This is just one form of critical safety net that many politicians are itching to tear apart.

Single payer healthcare makes sense for all. We are far down the list of healthcare amongst industrialized nations. This needs fixing, and we should likewise be asking how to improve Social Security, not how to slash it. If we aren’t here to help one another, what indeed are we here for? One major measure of a country’s greatness is how well it cares for the least amongst its citizens.

End wars of aggression, while developing a lean effective military. Become a shining light on the hill, and stop turning the world against America. Our military consumes well over fifty cents on every American tax dollar and we are the major exporter of weapons, creating enemies around the word, using our CIA to stir up trouble and defeat bona fide democracies. We support dictators around the world when it is convenient. Shall we seriously turn swords into plowshares, or just pay lip service to the concept?


Military conversion projects could and should result in meaningful, long-term jobs that help us, help humans, and help the world.  We have over 15,000 nuclear warheads in our arsenal now, anyone of which would make Hiroshima or Nagasaki look like firecrackers. Talk of using nuclear weapons in Iran is nothing short of insanity. Once this Pandora’s Box is open, there is no precedent for where it will lead, but the end of civilization is certainly high on the list of possibilities. Along with military conversion projects, we must help also small businesses with tax incentives and more reasonable regulations. Do we want our taxes to go to destroying fellow humans and the earth, or to creating a better future for our children and ourselves?

Ending government waste with serious oversight programs is critical. We gut the EPA and now kids with asthma and the weak and elderly suffer so oil companies can profit.  We must use taxes wisely, fairly, and efficiently, to help the people of our country. Likewise, we should be encouraging banks that help create real jobs and services, not those which aid wild, complex speculation schemes.

Respect nature. Nature got us here and now supports and sustains us. We should remember this with each breath of air and mouthful of food. We are stewards of the earth and must act accordingly.

Offer real justice for all. Our courts are severely tilted against “the little guy.” We must balance the scales of justice, starting immediately.

Act as moral compass for Utah, the U.S., and the world. Utah can do this, if we seriously work toward things we claim to believe in.  Do we want leaders who take us to war, ship jobs overseas, and don’t even understand the grievous nature of global warming and climate change? The choice is in your hands when you enter the voting booth on November 6.